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Nuke was designed as a frontend for the Governor web framework project. I wanted to build a UI that could facilitate testing the numerous services that compose Governor. However, as the project grew, I wanted to also componentize various UI elements for future reuse. Thus, Nuke became its own UI library, which I have since used in many other projects, including the LAHacks application system, UCLA DevX internal tooling dashboard, and this blog itself.

Typography #

Typography was an integral part of Nuke from its inception and it still forms the bedrock of its design today. First, I wanted to pick a font that was boring. I needed a font that would get out of the way quickly and let the focus be on the content. I ultimately chose Lato and Source Serif Pro.

I then proceeded to build a responsive visual hierarchy in SCSS based on the rem unit. This is to make Nuke easier to maintain. rem allows all text on the screen to be based on the body font size, i.e. when the body font size changes, the rem unit will change proportionally. As such, for all font-sizes given in rem, only the the font size for the body must be changed in media queries, allowing all text to be responsive at every resolution.

Components #

Form Inputs #

Interactivity is a necessity in almost every website, thus one of the first set of components that I designed consist of input fields and buttons. I particularly like the simplicity that Material design brings, thus I took many cues from it.

Cards #

They seem to be all the rage these days. It feels as if I was almost obligated to create them.

Articles #

Articles were created purely for fun, taking many cues from Medium, which I think executes long form content perfectly.

Comments #

Reddit is one of my favourite online forums because of all the discussion that occurs in its various communities. This discussion would not be possible, however, without its well renowned comment thread design. Unlike in a traditional forum, the Reddit comment system simplifies viewing replies by placing them adjacent to their parent, and move the best replies to the top. I try and replicate this system myself in Nuke.

Dark Mode #

I am a firm believer in giving users options. I, myself, often work late into the night and the light from a bright white background can be bothering if not for your roommates who are trying to sleep, then for your own eyes. As such a dark mode was a feature that I strove to implement. It is made maintainable by using SCSS to style elements if they are the children of a body.dark. Thus only the class of body needs to be changed to enable dark mode.

Nuke has made it easy for me to bootstrap new projects without having to reimplement common UI components from scratch.

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